Referral Credit Program

We appreciate your business and have enjoyed working with you! One of the best compliments we can receive from our clients is their referral of friends and family. This guide includes all of the details of our referral program as well as tips and tricks to help you gain more referral credits for you to apply towards your next session or portrait art product purchase.

$25 for you, $25 for them

When you share your love for BBS, we share the love with you! For example every client you refer to our studio for a custom portrait session, you will earn $25 in credit towards a future session or portrait art product purchase.

  • your referral credits never expire
  • there is no limit of referral credits you can receive
  • your friends and family also receive $25 in portrait product credit for mentioning your name

How to spread the word

Here are a few of our tips and tricks to help you share your portrait experience and gain more referral credit.

01 - Take your referral cards everywhere you go. You never know who you may see throughout the day.

02 - Think outside of the box. Who do you know that is going to be a senior? Hand them a referral card and send them your mobile app!

03 - Give some referral cards to your mom to share! You know she loves talking about you!

04 - Talk about how much fun it was to take your photos with us! Your energy and excitement will make them excited to book a session, too!

05 - Share the news - when you see us share and announcement on Instagram, share our post to your story making it easier for your friends to find us!

06 - Have your mom share images in her online community circles with a link to our website and social media account. Want even more traction? Include a testimonial in that post, too!

07 - Just share your photos! It's really that easy. Share them with everyone - your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, teachers. They love to know what you're up to.

Our clients that utilize social media to share their BBS experience have the most success with our referral program. Here's where to follow us and a few popular hashtags you can use to spread your message.

A few things to remember

We love when you share our work on social media, but there are a few things we ask of you when you share.

01- Please refrain from using Instagram or photo filters on our work.

02 - Please tag our social media accounts when sharing your images either in the caption or in the photo itself!